Theft and vandal resistent Charcoal Grills and Campfire Rings guarantee the lowest operating costs and best experience for the users.

The Backyard Company A/S sell and distribute theft- and vandal resistant products for activity in the forests, parks, housing associations, and generally where theft and vandal resistent products are needed to guarantee low running costs, and the best possible experience for users.


Customers include Government, National Parks, Municipalities, Housing Associations, Sports Clubs, and Campsites.

Our Campfire Rings, Charcoal Grills, Picnic Tables and much more make the outdoor space attractive to children and adults throughout the year. All our products are of very high quality in design and materials, and is both a functional and aesthetic delight.

Our products are theft and vandal resistant, making them ideally suited for use in the public space. This unique feature saves a lot of money and frustration – not least for the users, not wanting to see destroyed equipment, when on a picnic with their friends or family.

In addition, a separate series of our products are designed for use by wheelchair users. We have Charcoal Grills and Campfire Rings that are accessible, and not least safe installations. Wheelchair users are exposed at normal campfires and grills, as flames and sparks potentially can ignite e.g. clothing – Our unique designed Campfire Rings and Charcoal Grills areas enables wheelchair users to get close to, and be part of, the good experience it is to have a campfire or do a BBQ with friends and family.

Our Campfire Rings and Charcoal Grills, designed for wheelchair user needs, are supplemented by a whole series of Picnic Tables, designed with enough room underneath so that wheelchair users can get to the table. Our products designed for wheelchair users is of course also theft- and vandal resistent.

We are looking for partners and distributors across Europe. Please do not hesitate to call us, if you believe our products will be of interest to your customers.

We look forward to welcoming you in our company, and You can always contact us by telephone +45 50569763 – we look forward to tell you much more.